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14(c).)  If a demised house, or other building, is destroyed during the term, or so much damaged that it cannot be made reasonably fit for the purpose for which it was hired, except at an expense exceeding one year’s rent of the premises, and the damage or destruction occur without negligence on the part of the lessee or his agents or servants, and there is no agreement in the lease respecting repairs, or providing for such a case, and the use of the house damaged or destroyed was the main inducement to the hiring, the lessee may surrender his estate in the demised premises by a writing to that effect delivered or tendered to the landlord within 10 days from the damage or destruction, and by paying or tendering at the same time all rent in arrear, and a part of the rent growing due at the time of the damage or destruction, proportionate to the time between the last period of payment and the occurrence of the damage or destruction, and the lessee shall be thenceforth discharged from all rent accruing afterwards; but not from any other agreement in the lease. Note: Your initial answers are saved automatically when you preview your document.This screen can be used to save additional copies of your answers. 42-15, and refuses or neglects, upon a notice, written or oral, of five days, given by the lessee or cropper or the assigns of either, to make a fair division of said crop, or to pay over to such lessee or cropper or the assigns of either, such part thereof as he may be entitled to under the lease or agreement, then and in that case the lessee or cropper or the assigns of either is entitled to the remedies against the lessor or his assigns given in an action upon a claim for the delivery of personal property to recover such part of the crop as he, in law and according to the lease or agreement, may be entitled to. If the tenant has defenses to the eviction, such as improper notice, “self-help” methods, or retaliatory eviction, the tenant should present those defenses at this time.

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This includes threatening the tenant, arranging for another tenant to move in before the expiration of the lease, denying the tenant access to the property, removing the tenant’s personal belongings or any other action to forcibly remove the tenant without a court order. 5.)  Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the landlord may charge a reasonable, nonrefundable fee for pets kept by the tenant on the premises. (1977, c. Technically the evicted tenant has know right to possession and can be arrested for trespassing after lockout in my opinion. If the landlord wins the eviction hearing, a judgment will be entered in his or her favor. This form is accessible using the buttons below the document image.

Free New Mexico Residential Lease Agreement – PDF Template – residential lease agreement template

The Sheriff may serve the Summons by mail or in person within 5 days of issuance of the Summons, but not less than 2 days before the scheduled hearing. If the tenant is being evicted simply because they are staying beyond their lease term (called a holdover), and the landlord told them that the lease would expire and they would have to move out, then the time period in the notice is different.

Recap: How Long to Wait Before Filing Eviction Papers in North Carolina

Code is the starting place for most federal statutory research. Each of these steps requires using specific forms to notify the Tenant (all of which you should save copies of): Here is a table of the top ten states where eviction notices may be needed.

3. The Eviction Hearing

The exception to this rule is if you do not want your tenant to remain on your property by any means. This form is structured around a one (1) year term installed with monthly payments. Landlords in Montana must give a 14-day notice to cure or quit, but a shorter 3-day notice is allowed if the tenant violated a pet or guest policy.