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Resources for Tenants (Lessees)

It is an agreement to rent, and that means there are certain terms and rights defined by law. Moreover if the tenant owns a pet, the landlord may require a “pet deposit” not to exceed $2500 or two month’s rent, whichever is greater to cover any pet related property damage.

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The average cost to evict a Tenant in the August 2015 edition of Landlord Property Management Magazine for the San Francisco metro area. Providing the Notice to perform or quit forces the tenant to comply or to quit the premises. The South Dakota eviction notice forms are a necessary first step in beginning the eviction process in South Dakota. The Signature Date on the Lease Signed by the Lessor and Lessee must be supplied using the blank spaces in the second sentence. Having a variety of necessary available at all times is essential throughout the course of every tenancy and can protect you in the event that you have to file eviction or other violation of North Dakota landlord tenant laws.

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Talk with your Landlord and come to a mutual understanding Perhaps there was a misunderstanding about the terms of the Lease? However, many written periodic leases may require tenants to give notice on the first of the month, or a longer notice (60 days). The landlord can proceed with the eviction even if the tenant pays rent or fixes the lease violation (see  ). It is the first step required by law for an owner to proceed with the eviction, and proof that the Notice was properly served must be presented to the court.

North Dakota Eviction Forms

Repair the defect and deduct the expense from the rent (N.D.C.C. On the second blank line, report the Street Address (Building Number/Street, Apt. If you fail to leave after the final day, the landlord can order the local sheriff to physically remove you and your personal belongings out and onto the street curb. If the tenant shows the court that vacating immediately is a substantial hardship on the tenant or the tenant’s family, and eviction is not based on a disturbance of the peace, the court may allow reasonable time for the tenant to vacate, not to exceed five days. A landlord who wants a tenant to move out of the rental unit but does not have legal cause to evict the tenant, must wait until the tenancy comes to an end before expecting the tenant to move.

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The obligation of the landlord may be altered somewhat by a contractual agreement (generally a written lease) between the landlord and the tenant. Again, this eviction notice must be served on the tenant prior to going to court. Make sure all the conditions are correctly stated on the check-in sheet.