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The Landlord’s Next Steps: Filing an Eviction Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Both appeals from judgments for possession under residential leases and statements of objections to determinations of abandonment must be made within ten (10) days after the date of entry. Within five (5) business days following delivery of possession to the plaintiff or satisfaction by payment of rent in arrears and costs, the officer executing the order for possession shall make a return on the order for possession form.

Make a Free Pennsylvania Eviction Notice

Here are some possible unlawful eviction explanations you might explore: (i.E. ) 1. A Landlord may NOT: The Landlord MUST use the court-administered eviction process to remove the Tenant from the Premises.

6 Ways to Avoid Eviction Costs & Headaches

This deadline can be changed if previously agreed to by the tenant in the lease or rental agreement. The magisterial district judge shall mark all copies of the reissued order for possession, ‘‘Reissued. S. § §  250.311—250.313), and these would be brought under the rules pertaining to trespass actions. We’ve provided all of the information related to serving an eviction letter in our interactive map below. If the magisterial district judge has rendered a judgment arising out of a non-residential lease that the real property be delivered up to the plaintiff, the plaintiff may, after the 15th day following the date of the entry of the judgment, file with the magisterial district judge a request for an order for possession.

Landlord’s 4 Areas of Preventable Costs

The plaintiff may authorize the sheriff or constable to make additional attempts to effectuate personal service upon the tenant/defendant so the plaintiff can later prove such service if attempting to garnish wages under Pa.R.C.P. The landlord can post the notice in a spot the tenant will be sure to see it on the leased premises, such as in a common area of an apartment complex or on the front gate of a house. For example, your attorney would agree beforehand that if you win, the attorney will subtract court costs like filing fees and a fixed percentage (usually one-third) from the amount won.

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Request for reissuance filed (time and date).’’ A new form may be used upon reissuance, those portions retained from the original being exact copies although signatures may be typed or printed with the mark ‘‘/s/.’’ There are no filing costs for reissuing an order for possession, for the reissuance is merely a continuation of the original proceeding. Do not have a minimum notice requirement for eviction notices when Tenants continue to stay even after their lease has expired. At any time before actual delivery of the real property is made in execution of the order for possession, the defendant may, in a case for the recovery of possession solely because of failure to pay rent, satisfy the order for possession by paying to the executing officer the rent actually in arrears and the costs of the proceedings.

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Official Note    The order for possession deals only with delivery of possession of real property and not with a levy for money damages. For more on eviction-related articles, see the   section of the Nolo site. The landlord can post the notice at the building the tenant is renting (for example, the landlord can tape the notice to the tenant’s apartment door).

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Giving your tenant an Eviction Notice (more formally known as a Notice to Quit in Pennsylvania) is the first step in attempting to remove a tenant from a rental property. Source    The provisions of this Rule 502 amended June 30, 1982, effective August 16, 1982, 12 Pa.B. Notice must be given a minimum number of days before the tenant is to leave. Hearing The eviction hearing typically will occur before a Magisterial District Judge. Laws – – This notice is to inform tenant that they are behind in their rent and that they have ten days to either pay the outstanding amount or vacate the premises. €“ This form is for use when a tenant has been engaging in the use of illegal drugs. €“ This form is for use when a tenant is violating the terms of the lease other than non-payment of rent.