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Rating: 4.6 / Views: 921
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This is a first for me, I have never finished a Piece-Meal FAQ before, I had always released a “finished” product, and then polished it later. You will find Sting and Gollum’s Potion (invisibility). Blast the Barrels to find a Health Elixer. – Continue down the passage until you get out. Getting through the first gate was pretty ugly, but didn’t lose much time. * Island/Bell Tower: Clipping through the mountain to get to the bell tower with Arokh and skipping basically the whole level. Seems that he is going to be possessed by a certain dark master.

Community Patch [ edit]

Drakan certainly fits the bill, with the emphasis on attempting character and plot development, rather than actually succeeding. 41 I’m wondering where I can find a full downloadable version of Drakan: Order of the Flame. You’ll have to traverse through large, gaping cliffs using Arokh, then jump off and proceed on foot through smaller areas that are too big for your dragon. Drakan Patch v445 download – Drakan: Order of the Flame. Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying! . .

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You start at the last step in the next part, Tavern Key. Run up and attack him, but then run back to near Arokh, and have the knight follow you.

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In Englisch and the German Language Version..I have drakan (German Version). If you get close to them, they attack with their bayonets. – Rimril explains that the Succubi are dirty liars and that they probably have your brother taken captive. By continuing past this page, and by your continued use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the . Go forward through the door and it will close behind you. – This is where things get tricky.

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Go into the next passage. – As you get to the crossroads here, the portculis in front of you will close. Also in the Volcano world, after coming out of the Meeting Room cave after getting the Dragon Armor Rune, Arokh will sometimes land in a completely inaccesible location!

Drakan: Order of the Flame cheats & more for PC (PC)

Online Resources (Links) Version History  ================================================================================ Walkthrough: ================================================================================ This is mostly a step-by-step walkthrough similar to the walkthrough I wrote for The Legend of Zelda (NES). Troll Caves – Go back to the west to the Mines that we couldn’t get into before. Drakan: Order of the Flame has good action and the bloody combats make the game attractive all the more. Note: When you fight Knights later on, they have a similar version of the Short Sword of Flame, so if you lose this one, don’t worry too much. – Go back to where you had the two choices of where to go. – Go down the little passage, and hop down into the room.

Configuration file(s) location [ edit]

The skeleton in the center has a Mitrhil Great Sword. Use the key that we just got back at the lake on the small box to the right of the Portculis at the opposite end of the chamber.

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Scavenger: Sneak up to it, then let it come to you, crouch and attack with the Mace. Cutscenes at the end get messed up because of this though 🙁 Return to the , the , or the . Description: Drakan v445 Upgrades Drakan to version 445. The center will have moved placing that large Torch thing under a pillar of Light. – Go back out, and get on Arokh.

Input settings [ edit]

If this occurs, you can work around it by editing the configuration file directly. The lights should go out leaving only a purplish color in the center of the room. The big Wartok should leave you a Life Potion. – Find the big switch and flip it to turn the Crusher on. – Now go to the far end of the chamber past the Crusher, and up the little path to the ledge right by the Crusher. – Now jump from crusher thing to crusher thing to get to the far ledge. Swim across it to a new small room that has a pool. – Dive into the pool, and swim through to a new area. – Get out of the water and find the passage (hard in the dark) and go down it.